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How to create UdoValue objects in FSM via business rule


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Dear customer,

thanks for your request. In order to create UdoValue objects via business rule, you can make use of "Create Object" action with "Object Type" set to "UdoValue". Below you can find an example with the following Custom Field Object Definition :

Name : MyOwnCustomDTO

Custom Field : field1 (String)

Custom Field : field2 (String)

How to setup the business rule action (fields) :

meta = 73CE64AF8C1D4754A433FA9E1855CBF9 (this is just an example, put the FSM ID of your UdoMeta)

udf.field1 = Enter your value 1

udf.field = Enter your value 2

You can address your custom fields on your own Custom Object Definition also via "udf.{NameOfTheField}".

Attached you can also find printscreens for reference. udovalue-creation.png udo-definition.png

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