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How to activate the Back and Forwar Navigation in Belize Theme ?

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Hello experts,

I have changed our previous theme in the CRM WebUI from NOVA to the fiorized BELIZE.

User role --> Assign function profile --> FIORI20

But now I'm missing the arrows for back and forward navigation in the header of the page.

Can someone help me how to activate this?

I found a screenshot on the SAP pages where the arrows are there. (see the screenshot)

Thank you for ideas, tips and help.



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Hello Ashish,

thank you for your detailed explanation.

I was able to solve the problem on my own.

Our layout profile uses the header component CRMCMP_HDR_STD. This component contained an empty customer enhancement.

I deleted the extension and now the navigation arrows and history trigger are available.

What I don't quite understand about your explanation:

In my view for function profiles, I find the entry FIORI20, but when I look at the profile, it is empty and I have no option to switch on navigation here either. Are there any other ways?

I have attached 2 more screenshots that show my view in customizing.

Thanks very much !

Greetings Andy

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