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How does the timeout delay work with a wait node

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I have an action node - checkOrderSendStatusAction which transitions to waitForERPConfirmation. waitForERPConfirmation has a time delay of PT12H. See attachment for full flow.order-process-v2-diagram.jpg

checkOrderSendStatusAction examines the export status of the order. If it is Exported, returns transition.OK, otherwise it does a retry of sending the order to ERP.

For this case, the ExportStatus = Exported, expectation is that I should see in the process task log the next step which is waitForERPConfirmation action node. But I do not.

I have confirmed that Orders05 was posted soon a few seconds after the end timestamp of the checkOrderSendStatusAction.

Is the time delay that is set for the waitForERPConfirmation causing this issue of not proper transitions?

My expectation is that the process log is to show that it did transition to the waitForERPConfirmation and either upon the receipt of Orders05 or 12H would transition to the checkForERPConfirmationAction.

Is this the true expected behavior when using the timeout delay or do I have something incorrectly setup here.

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