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How do I make a form field optional for a screen-set in Customer Data Cloud?

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I've created a honeypot field in a registration form. The field defaults to required when submitting the form. Is there an attribute or class that can make this form element optional?

<div class="gigya-composite-control gigya-composite-control-textbox gigya-email-confirm 
     style="display: none;">
  <label class="gigya-label">
    <span class="gigya-label-text">Confirm Email:</span>
    <label class="" data-bound-to="data.emailRetype">Optional</label>
  <input class="gigya-input-text" name="data.emailRetype" data-display-name="data.emailRetype" tabindex="-1" 

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello baamosk,

As I see your field is mapped to the custom field under the data object: data.emailRetype.

All custom fields are not required by default unless you select the opposite.
Once the field is configured as required, no one class or attribute on Screen-Set will not deactivate it.

To change it, please, navigate to the Left Sidebar Menu -> Advanced -> Accounts Schema, select the field and uncheck the Required config.

Hope it helped.

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