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Header discounts in Credit Memos can't be load as header's in recomended UI Mode

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Dear all,

To be able to migrate all the implemented customers in Old Retail mode from FP08 or 09, and also to be up to what government entities in Colombia require from the POS systems billing, we are verifying that some standard procedures remain the same as the old Retail mode is being definitely deprecated and all the new customizations made to our plugins can’t be related to each Old Retail and new UI mode.

So we identify that in the old retail mode once we select to make a return from an invoice with header discount, the information of that discount is in the header information, as the image below.

Old Retail Mode in FP09

In the same FP but in Quick Service UI Mode:

A made invoice: In the credit memo:

In the ERP generally used for these implementations, SBO, with the old retail credit memos are released with the corresponding discounts header information, as expected.

In the other hand credit memos created in the other UI modes, those transactions are released with the distributed information in each articles as from the local database this information is sent just like that.

Right now, for us this has a side wrong effect, more notable than before because from FP09 this behaviour in a UI mode different from Retail had the same trouble. We have already test this in FP 12 from PL01 till 07.

We have checked this behaviour in all the advisable modes for the new FP, meaning we are making all the changes from the deprecated mode to the new retail or quick service but in each of them the header discount in the credit memo is getting distributed in the articles when comes from an invoice with header discount; However, in Colombia is getting closer that every single sale should goes on electronic billing, and the discounts in articles and header are separated and should be like that in transactions such as credit memo related to an A/R Invoice.

Is not a desirable way to handle this behaviour by changing discounts manually while making the credit memo in the sales screen, so is there anything that should be configured tin the settings I still haven’t found?

Have anyone else deal with this differently or replicate it?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or further information.


Nasmiye PR.

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