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Handling "Pfand" in CCO


Hi @all,

My Customer uses "Pfand" on several Items. (Sorry, I dont know an englisch word for that german thing)

In another Thread ( the Solution is to create a QS-Button to add Item + pfand to the receipt. That works well in some Cases.

BUT ...

my customer has several hundred Items with are charged by pfand and uses SAP B1 as ERP. So the solution doesn't work for him, as he needs and wants to scan these items. For example he sells beer bottles + 0,08€ pfand as a single Item and boxes (Bierkisten) whitch incl. 24 bottles + 24 times Pfand and for each box he charges 1,50€. I tested a sell bom, but it has a conflict with his SAP Workflow + the Components are not shown on the receipt. How to solve this if I use B1 and QS-Button is not suitable?

BR Andreas

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Hi Joshua,

we created a Solution for SAPB1 & CCO to Solve this issue. Hokona helped us a lot by developing a Plugin for us on the cco Side and we found a solution for SAPB1. In the End the both parts work together.

On the SAP side we have a UDT which safes the valid Uom for a specific Item. No matter if one or more.

The Plugin syncs this udt to cco and cco reacts accordingly

If an Item with pfanditems is added to teh receipt, the pfanditems will be added too. It works also if the quantity of the mainitem has changed.



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Hi akasparbauer ,

were you able to solve this issue?
We are facing the exact same problem with one of our customers right now which just started to sell drinks. We've created a template BoM but are also facing the issue that the child items (incl. "Pfand" item) are not displayed on CCO and therefor not on the bill.

In B1 it is resolved correctly but as you probably know it has to be shown on the bill.

Currently our customer has to add the Pfand item manually for every single drink they sell.

Thanks in advance,