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Guest Checkout with CDC Integration

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Hi Team,

We have a requirement, here

Current Behaviour:

While doing Guest checkout, User will enter only the email address, and proceed to Order placement. after placing an order, the user will be asked to set up a password(Optional), If the user set a password, The guest user will be converted to a Registered user

Problem statement :

We need to migrate this user flow to CDC.

Can any one implement Guest Checkout with CDC?

Any help will be appreciable


Eldhos Kurian

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Hi Eldhos,
I see you are planning to use Lite registration Via API, but as I remember before you preferred to use only Screen-Sets.
Why did you decide to move to API? Do you want to get more flexibility and don't want to rebuild existing forms where the user puts an Email and where the user is asking to set password?


Hi Oleh,

I am working on an existing code base. And Guest checkout is already implemented. Hence The only task I need to do is to create the same user in CDC as well.

Kindly help me if there is any other approach.

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I agree that API gives you more flexibility and extensibility. This topic is interesting to me too, I will review all capabilities and let you know tomorrow about other options (if I will found them). I will put my comments as an answer below.

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Hi Eldhis,
The Guys below provided you with good support. Dhruv described possible options and his own recommendations. Hence no sense to write a new answer.

The only thing I wanted to add is: just remember if for some reasons you cannot use Lite Registration API calls, the other option is to use WEB SDK(Screen-Sets), invoke them to the WEB page and hide(set height/width: 0 using CSS, so hide from UI perspective).

In that case, when you submit the Commerce form, using JS you can transmit data to CDC Screen-Set and submit the form. So, it could work as an workaround.

But anyway, as the guys mentioned, the best recommendation is to use the API approach.

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Hi Eldhos,

For implementing guest checkout, please follow the below process as one of the options:

  1. Perform Lite Registration by calling accounts.initRegistration/ API passing the value of "isLite" parameter to true.
    As a response of this API, you'll receive regToken.
  2. Pass the value of regToken in the accounts.setAccountInfo/ call along with other mandatory parameters (email, lang by default) and pass along with it any subscriptions which user might have accepted in the Guest checkout flow.
    This will register the user as a lite account in CDC along with any subscriptions
  3. In future, if user wants to create a full account, that can be done through:
    - If screensets are used, user can do a registration with the same email ID with which the guest checkout flow was completed. In this way, the account will be converted to a full account.
    - If no screensets are used and you provide an option to set a password, you may call accounts.register/ API and pass along with it the necessary details to convert the user to a full account.
    In both the above cases, the account of the user will be converted to a full account and all subscriptions (if any) of lite account will be transferred to the full account as-is.
  4. In this step, you may ask the user to accept any T&C's (if any) for registering as a full account. (if account wasn't finalized while creating it as a full account via APIs)

My suggestion would be to use API's for lite registration up to step 2 and follow CDC Web SDK approach through Step 3 and ahead to allow user to create his full account if he/she wants to login.

Hope you find your solution at the earliest and have a great rest of the day!

Thanks and Regards,

Dhruv Jain

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Hi eldhos,

As per my experience, you cannot/shouldn't implement Checkout in CDC.

I recommend you use the Lite Registration API and also check Lite Registration Quick Start Guide.

I hope this information was helpful in closing this thread.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Kunal Bansal, SAP CX Architect


I am planning to use Lite registration Via API. Hope It will be right approch

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That's correct!

Please mark thread Answered or Close. thank you

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It would probably make sense to utilise one of the server-side APIs to make the relevant requests to CDC instead of implementing a checkout in CDC.