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Getting build error when using XSSFilterUtil from acceleratorstorefrontcommons in custom addon.



I need to use XSSFilterUtil from acceleratorstorefrontcommons in which is present in my customoccaddon. The customoccaddon is installed on commercewebservices extension. When I am triggering build getting following errors :

1. ERROR in D:\******\core-customize\hybris\bin\modules\commerce-services\commercewebservices\web\addonsrc\customoccaddon\com\*****\controllers\ (at line 5)

import de.hybris.platform.acceleratorstorefrontcommons.util.XSSFilterUtil;


The import de.hybris.platform.acceleratorstorefrontcommons.util cannot be resolved


2. ERROR in D:\******\core-customize\hybris\bin\modules\commerce-services\commercewebservices\web\addonsrc\customoccaddon\com\*****\controllers\ (at line 255)



XSSFilterUtil cannot be resolved


2 problems (2 errors)

Following Solutions I have tried till now and getting same error :

1- Adding acceleratorstorefrontcommons as required extension in extensionsinfo.xml in my customoccaddon.

2- Adding acceleratorstorefrontcommons to buildPath of customoccaddon [Just for resolving eclipse import issue].

3- Installing acceleratorstorefrontcommons addon on commercewebservices extension.

Creating custom XSSFilterUtil will work, but i want to use OOTB one. Please assist.

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acceleratorstorefrontcommons is not an addon, so installing it will not work.

Adding it to requires extension of commercewebservices will not work either, because the class is located inside commonweb/src instead of web/src

Here's how to make OCC Controller/Add-on controller be able to access XSSFilterUtil (and other class in acceleratorstorefrontcommons/commonweb/src/)

  1. Add acceseleratorstorefrontcommons to required extension of OCC extension
  2. Edit buildcallbacks.xml of OCC extension, add this code:
<macrodef name="extensioncommercewebservices_before_build">
        <echo message="extensioncommercewebservices_before_build"/>
                    <available file="${ext.@{extname}.path}/commonweb"/>
                        <echo message="Found commonweb extension:  @{extname}"/>
                        <copyCommonWebToExtension commonwebextension="@{extname}" commonwebresource="/src" target="extensioncommercewebservices"/>

Now controller of OCC extension can access class from acceleratorstorefrontcommons