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Get Contact in Emarsys returns error 2004 Invalid key field id

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Hi, I am new in Emarsys and for now I am trying to get the contact data from postman

Unfortunately, I got this error

{"replyCode":2004,"replyText":"Invalid key field id: xxxxxxx","data":""}

I am not sure about the value of the payload request needed in the body (especially this keyValues). I've been trying to change give email or uid in the keyId value, but still having the same error.

Here is the example of my payload request

{ "contact_list_id": xxxxxxx, "keyId": "xxxxxxx", "keyValues": [ "Email" //I am not sure what I have to put here ], "fields": [ "1","2", "3" ]}

It is strange because with getContactList endpoint it is working

Any help is appreciated, thanks 🙂

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Hello Zen

Any update on this? I have the same question.

Thank you!

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Hello, While we're happy that you've come to SAP Community to get an answer to your question, you posted your question as an answer in an old thread.
I've converted your answer to a comment, but even so -- posting in older threads is not the best way to get guidance.
If you're looking for help, you should ask a new question:
Here are some tips to help you craft an effective question for our community:,,
I encourage you to follow this guidance, as I'd really like to see you get a solution to your problem.
I hope you find this advice useful!

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