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FP14 - Batch and Serial Number Enhancements

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Hi all, does anyone of you have a clue how the new feature is meant to be used?
So can we connect against a dedicated S4HANA Service or do we need to implement some own logic using generic communication for outbound?



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Hello Marcel,

according to the what's new in FP15 document there is "only" a generic communication system available, so as I understand it you have to implement your own logic in the backend system.

Quote from the document:

In the Communication arrangements app, when you add a Generic communication system, there is a new Outbound service available: Batch/ serial number verify (1)
▪ This outbound service enables you the verification of batch and serial numbers in the POS system, and in SAP Customer Checkout manager from a generic destination
▪ You can select the outbound service, and see further details, or set the service to status “Active” (2)