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Facing issue with Additional Travel Time To/From released under Preview program in FSM 2305 release.

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I'm trying to implement the additional travel time To/From functionality (for Business Partner) that has been released by SAP under the preview program for release 2305.

I have created the UDF field, also created a custom policy and finally created a Business rule on Event "Scheduled", and mentioned the newly created policy in it.

I still can't make it work. Has anyone been able to make it work. I appreciate any help.



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Hello Nitin

Thanks for reaching out to us. I understand you created the required UDFs for the DTO BusinessPartner and filled those UDFs for at least one business partner.

I am using this functionality in my FSM account, and I can confirm that it works as expected. However, a correct configuration of the policy is crucial. I took the following screenshot from my test system:

In the "General Settings" tab of the policy, make sure you provide the following information:

Travel Time From/To

  1. Ensure you select "Business partner in context" if your UDF was created for DTO BusinessPartner.
    Note that there is also an option to select "Equipment in context". If the UDF is related to BusinessPartner, but you select "Equipment in context" as the "Object type", the policy will not fail, but the additional time won't be considered due to this mismatch.
  2. Provide the exact name of the UDF as you created it.
    Note that any spelling error will result in the policy not considering the additional time. We also recommend you use explicit field names, as shown in my example above (if the UDF relates to a business partner, add a prefix that reflects this into the field name, for example ..._BP_FIELDNAME...)

For further reading, I recommend you take a look at our documentation. It can be found here.

I hope my answer helps you enjoy this cool auto-scheduling feature in SAP Field Service Management.