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Every Request of the Postman gets 200 Response Codes from the Sap Integration Framework Scenario.

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Dear experts,

Hope you all are still having seasonal fun..!!!,

Hope some of you may looking to this question advice ,

We are currently working with the Sap Integration Framework 1.22.44. while referring the Robert Zieschang's plugin development blog series, we try to develop a scenario according to the third blog of the SAP Customer Checkout Plugin Development – Part III.

Requirement: fetch batch code, manufacturer date and the expiry date from the sap business one through a scenario.

After developing the scenario it’s successfully activated but the problem is when we have tested the scenario through Postman we get an empty response [] even if we provide invalid credentials.

Here below explaining what we have done so far ,

· After setting up the development environment, we had created a new package which named “sap.cco” and provided relevant information.

· In the step design process, we had selected the previously created package and provided a step identifier name as “sap.ExpiryDate”

· In the process of configuring the Inbound Channel, we had provided the information in the blog

· Then we configured the processing of the scenario in the following way. Here is the scenario biz flow.

· In the first “xsl transformation” atom we have provided an SQL statement to select the batch no [DistNumber], manufacturer date [MnfDate] and expiry date[ExpDate] from the database.

· The actual SQL call atom is configured according to the information in the blog.

· Finally, the final atom transform code looks like this.

· After completion the configuring of process, the sender list configuration is configured according to the blog information

· Finally we have activated the steps and the activate the scenario package

· After activating the scenario It is activated successfully without any errors. Then we grab the URL from the control menu by clicking the “trigger” button.

After providing the URL to the postman POST request, then we added an extra parameter of “bpm.pltype=json”, authentication details and request details, and sent a request. But the Integration frame work only sends an empty array with a 200 status code even for the bad credentials.

Did we do something wrong in the previous steps or any mistakes we have made?

Your valuable guidance, any articles, or documents related to solving this problem are greatly appreciated

Thank You.!

Best Regards,


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