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Hi Team,

Please help to provide the below info.

1) Hybrid Model: platform should have to ability to process data within our organisation servers for all data processing.

2) Scalability/extensibility:

3) Platform maintenance: OS patching and vulnerability address.

4)Code deployment: does platform supports with Jenkins/got to deploy code from lower to higher environments.

5) Platform change management: how is this managed to avoid impact to existing setup.

6) Comparability of platform with control m and integration with splunk, adds, API gateway , etc…

7) is data center available in Singapore

😎 Authorization and access control

9) data encryption

10) post implementation support.

11) product roadmap.

13) current clients in Singapore and globally -

14) professional service support

15) technical resources and talent availability

16) how is the platform utilisation cost being calculated and cost for on-prem secure agent.

17) batch and realtime process using API parsing

18) multi tenant support

19) ease of migration from on-prem to cloud and ease of use

20) solution to know pwc limitations

21) Prerequisites for setup

22) Can we migrate existing Informatica PowerCenter code to Hevo data, do you have any internal tools or we have to do manual coding from PowerCenter to Hevo data

23) Do you have any comparision report for Hevo data with other ETL/ELT tools?

Could you please let share the above details.

Best Regards,



Hi Sridhar, this is not the right channel for a pre-sales / scoping engagement. I would recommend to get in-touch directly with SAP sales to facilitate this. Thank you.

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