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Error while connecting to SFTP server in SAP CDC Dataflow

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Hi ,

Facing a error while connecting to SFTP server in Import Accounts from SFTP Dataflow

Error: - Got error while trying to establish SFTP connection. error = ProxyHTTP: proxy error: Service Unavailable, cause = proxy error: Service Unavailable, host = sftp://*********, user = ****, port = 22, Timeout(ms) = 60000

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Can you connect to that SFTP server via a normal STFP client? These kind of errors indicates something is wrong with your SFTP servers's network setup.

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Hi Ruchita,

Is there any restriction on the SFTP service like perhaps IP address allowlisting? You can find the list of IP addresses CDC's Dataflows (IdentitySync) service will use to connect to your SFTP service on this documented table: Allowlisting SAP Customer Data Cloud IP Addresses

Please note that you should allow all IP addresses listed in the "NAT" row of the documented tablle for the relevant Data Center(s) you are integrating with, and not just a sub-set of them based on what you can see in your SFTP service's connection logs.

If you believe your SFTP service should be publicly accessible and you are still getting an error please provide more details such as how to connect to the SFTP service as a support incident and the team will look further into it.

Thank you.

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