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Error handling sending orders to erp



Commerce Cloud -> SCI -> ERP

My question is to understand how others are handling the case if there is a failure to successfully send the order to ERP.

Using AOM, we are using the ( which extends SapSendOrderToDataHubAction which we are not using ) for the sendOrderToErp step in our order-process.xml

When I read through this class, it always seems that regardless if there is any type of error, the transition is always OK.

If the order is not sent successfully or there is an error, the event: ERPOrderSendCompletionEvent_ is always triggered.

Do I need to put in action after calling sendOrderToERP that takes a look at the ExportStatus, and if it it is set to NotExported, send an email notification and then transition back to sendOrderToERP?

The RetryLaterException does not seem to be working correctly either.

This could all be a result of a poor upgrade/migration from 6.4 to 2105 but still digging into that

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I was able to address this issue by adding in a missing wait state to the flow, looking for the event ERPOrderSendCompletionEvent_. Now all flows correctly.

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