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Emarsys Tenant Strategy

Hi experts

Can you provide insight or share guides or links on what is the best practice for Emarsys tenant strategy? If we have 4 PRD tenants (for different regions and hence currencies), is it ideal to also get 4 Test tenants? If we do so and we're finally ready to cutover to PRD, how do we move configurations? Manually?


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Hi Denmar, I hope you're doing well,

As Adam Lut mentioned, configuration cannot be copied from one tenant to another.

To complement this discussion, from my experience, you can use these types of tenants to perform different tests, mainly regarding your different data entities health status, with the aim of avoiding common mistakes that imply re-processes, such as emptying your Smart Insight database after you upload great quantities of sales data. Also, these tenants may help you develop functionalities prove of concepts, to validate the feasibility of different functionalities given your customer's digital assets.

I haven't read anything else about "test tenants", and I believe that they may be the same than "demo tenants". In that case, here some complementary information about the functionalities scope of demo tenants.

I hope this helps you.


Juan Cabrera

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Hello Denmar,

as far as I know, there are no test tenants in Emarsys.

Configuration cannot be copied between tenants/accounts, refer to my question and answer by Will:

"[...]I'm afraid that we do not support cloning accounts, which I think is what you are describing. Given the flexibility of our account provisioning, and the fact that all the account assets are cloud-based, there is a risk that assets can be overlooked and then shared between accounts - for example accesing the same voucher pool or external database table. We recognize that this is a limitation for certain business cases but it is better practice to create and provision each account separately.[...]"



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Hi Adam, thanks for your inputs. Noted on the fact that Emarsys doesn't have cloning or copying of solution profile. But just wanted to share that in the guide, it mentioned option to provision Test tenants.