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Emarsys Opportunities Marketing

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Dear Will Young ,

I really appreciate it if you could assist. I would like to know more about Opportunities Marketing (Emarsys) and Service Processes. For example: How can service use cases be combined with marketing use cases? and how can marketing use cases be combined with service use cases?

In addition, do you know by any chance, whether there is any training or materials for Emarsys integration with C4C ?

Many thanks!

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Answers (1)

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Hi neda.soufieh - our opportunities marketing and services use cases are covered by our Account Engagement feature. This is in early stages of development but you can find some information here. Otherwise you are best advised to speak to your partner manager to discuss your actual use cases, many of which can probably already be addressed with existing functionality (for example using the Web Hook node in Emarsys Automations, as described here.) .