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Emarsys Migration


Dear Team

Can someone guide me how to perform Migration from SAP Marketing cloud or legacy applicaiton to Emarsys system.

What all migration tools can be used?

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Hi anjaneyulusv and schneidert,

There is no out-of-box-box tool to migrate from SAP Marketing Cloud to SAP Emarsys, since this is not an integration but more of a total replacement of one platform for the other. The exact process, duration and degree of complexity will depend a lot on the individual business cases and data structure of the company.

In short, you will need to build your Emarsys account in the normal way, first through an initial data onboarding phase and then by redirecting the incoming data sources (contact, sales, products) to Emarsys for ongoing sync. If you are already using any of the SAP products (e.g. Sales Cloud or Data Cloud) then this process is a lot easier as we have plugins to help with those. Otherwise we have our APIs and also other methods to offer.

Your first step should be to speak to your SAP partner or success manager and they will put you in touch with the teams that can support and advise you so that you can effect a seamless and fluid transition to the new platform without disrupting your daily marketing activities.

Good luck! And we hope to hear more from you on the Community!

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Hi anjaneyulusv,

as per my knowledge there's currently no "standard migration" or no "migration tool". To be honest I doubt there will be one.

So, I think you have to either contact SAP (as far as I know there's a team that can support that Move to Emarsys) or you have to develop the migration approach by your own.

I have the same requirement and I'm already in the process on figuring out what could be the best way.

BR Tobias