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Emarsys Connection to CDC


Hi guys,

I'm currently forcing the topic of integration between CDC and Emarsys. Found several pages and information which seem to be very unspecific.

Requesting the Integration | SAP Help Portal - is it true that the integration must be requested? What needs to be done here?

CX Works | Integrate SAP Customer Data Cloud with SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement - What do you think about this guide? I can't image that all these steps need to be done manually to get the integration...

Do you have any experiences and/or ideas to share?

Thanks a lot


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Hello Dennis!

Thanks for your question and post! Let me try to answer:

Regarding Requesting the Integration | SAP Help Portal

  • requesting the connector by Support Portal or via success manager is temporarily needed
  • the Connector is quite new and we, RnD Teams want to keep close eye on integration and communicate with the first clients and/or partners
  • the GA is planned for March 2023 while the productive usage will be possible (based on the coordination with Product Team) already now, from November 2022

The other link CX Works | Integrate SAP Customer Data Cloud with SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement refers to an earlier integration which isn't "click&play" and thus contains more steps and some manual work. The "newer" Connector is suggested, has a minimal need for manual work and will be even improved in the future.

If you have further question, please let us know!

Kind regards

Dominik Hajda
SAP/Emarsys Product Manager

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Hi dennisfoer1993,

I agree to you that SAP Emarsys doesn't provide simple integration yet to CDC, you need to follow steps from CX Works.

You can also use SAP CDP as single source of truth for your data which can easily be integrated to both CDC and Emarsys and can share a unified data to your systems.

I hope this was helpful. Thank you.

Kunal Bansal

SAP CX Architect, SME- SMC, CDM, Emarsys

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Hi Dennis,

Maybe you can refer to for more information.

Hopefully it can help you, 🙂


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Hi Safin,

thanks for your quick answer. I already found this page but am a bit confused since there is nothing like an instruction what to do step by step. I was hoping that someone can give some inputs here.