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Email Lite Editor Background Image und Text


gibt es im Email Lite Editor die Möglichkeit, ein Modul / Reusable Block zu erstellen, welcher als Hintergrund eine Grafik (tauschbar) beinhaltet und darüber einen Text.
Aktuell finde ich leider keinerlei Möglichkeiten, diesen einfachen Use Case im SAP Marketing Cloud Email Lite Editor abzubilden.

Hat hier jemand Erfahrung?


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Answers (2)

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Hello Marcel,
I also miss this function in the Email lite, hope that there will be an imrovement in the next release.

We have tried to do this by adding a custom css like this:
.bild {

background-image: url("");

background-color: #afafaf;

background-size: cover;

background-position: left;

background-repeat: no-repeat;


In the row you then need to select the css class with the name "bild". The image is then appearing.
However, we needed then add in the column settings more padding, in order the image to be displaying in correct height. We tried to add in css also the background-size with 600 x 300px, but that did not really help.
The background position we set to left, while in smaller devices the image is always cut from the sides, so in order to have the main area in left to stay, we aligned it left.

Maybe someone has an idea, how we could make the whole image with the size of 600x300px to be visible also in smaller devices?



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Dear Marcel,

The request functionality is not supported at the moment.

I recommend you post on the influence forum Submit Improvement Request so that your idea can be evaluated by product management.

Refer to KBA 2812948 - How to create Improvement Request for SAP Marketing Cloud

I hope this is helpful.

Best regards,