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Email Lite - change "mailto"-link color

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Hi Experts,

is it possible to use custom css in Email Lite editor to change the color of the mailto-links?

So, when designing an email, the email-attribute of the contact is used (e.g. in the footer "this email has been sent to [email of the contact]").

When the email arrives in the mailbox, I would like to show the email-address of the contact in black color instead of the typical hyperlink/mailto-link color.

Or is there any other easier way to achieve that? Using the "Link Color" in the general settings of the email did not bring the expected result.

BR Tobias

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Hi Tobias,

the following below worked for me (at least in the preview).

However I am not sure if it works in all email clients.

best regards



  font-family: sans-serif;
  color: blue;
  font-size: 20px;
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Hi Andreas,

I tried that using your code and as you said, in the preview it worked for mailto links, that are already defined as such in the Content studio.

But when we insert the email address as an attribute, the code looks like that:

So it is not a "real" mailto-link in the Content Studio, but in Outlook then it is a mailto-link.

So, probably Kunal is right and this is not possible using custom css. Maybe you can hand the question over to one of your colleagues just to make sure. Would be really great.

Thanks in advance

BR Tobias

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Maybe just to add. It seems to be outlook-specific. I sent an email to my private mailbox and there it also works with the usual "link color" functionality 🙂

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Hi schneidert,

Long time, hope all is well at your end.

As per my experience, even using CSS, you won't be able to achieve it due to run-time rendering. The Link Color setting won't work in this case.

You can try submiting an SAP ticket which will eventually guide you to submit an idea.

Best Regards,