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Email C4C Analytic report by workflow

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I am looking for guidance on how to set to email an analytics report by workflow.

Scenario: A report is created to embed information in an Opportunity and would like to trigger to email out upon approval.

Challenges: Unable to attach excel attachment in workflow. Email has been sent per opportunity.

Is there any references how to handle this scenario?

Thanks in advance.



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Hi Teresa,

Although your question might already be solved (how did you solve your need in the end?) I would like to add nevertheless some comments.

You are talking about several things.

  1. If you want to sent an email per opportunity upon approval, you should set up a Workflow for the opportunity object, with the condition if the Approval status = approved, you select the action Email and in the recipient determination you put the correct recipients
  2. For sending analytical reports, you can use the functionality of Broadcasts. When defining a broadcast you select a report, a view and a selection, the format and how often the report needs to be sent to certain recipients