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Does an aggregation task write into any table?

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Hello SAP-Folks,

I am working in the SAP CAR system and testing the aggregation task 2050 of the POS DTA module. My goal is to correctly configure the out-of-stock detection. Here is a link to this topic: Configure Detection of Intraday Out-of-Stock Situations and Their Consideration in Modeling and Fore...

I would like to track and document my steps at a technical level as much as possible. Does anyone know if an aggregation task, specifically task 2050, writes to a table? The SAP HELP page for this topic mentions the table /DMF/OOSCHANGE. Could it be that task 2050 collects all the transaction data that is aggregated by task 2050 and task 3050 then accesses this table, calculates the appropriate percentage value, and sends it to the BI_SALES table?


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