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Display Data from standard BO to custom OWL

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Hello everybody,

I'm trying to display data from a standard BO in a custom OWL, and I'm stuck on this, I have tried the following wit no good results:

1. Creating a custom BO and make an association with the target BO, then create a query that gets only the data from target BO, but this wasn't possible because only the data from by custom BO is called.

2. I directly create an OWL without a custom BO, then I create a SADL query to then use it as the DefaultSet in the OWL but I got this error "Query does not contain queryPath attribute" it also gives me a link where there is an overview of this error, but to be honest I can't find where you can review such checks.

I'm pretty new developing solutions on SAP Cloud Application Studio, sorry if the solution is too obvious, but I couldn't figure it out by myself.

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