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Datahub and CPI at the same time?


Hi experts

At the moment, we are using Datahub for all our integrations (clients, products, prices, stock, and orders). However, we are planning to migrate to CPI. Is it possible to migrate only client integration while continuing to use Datahub for the other integrations? Our licence includes SCPI.

We want to migrate step by step if possible.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Oscar,

That should be possible. Datahub and Cloud Integration can be used at the same time. Also, a step-by-step migration should work.

You can enable the customer replication on the Cloud Integration and disable it on the Datahub. However, potential dependencies between business objects might need to be considered. For example, if the product replication via Datahub is disabled but pricing replication via Datahub is still enabled, Datahub might be missing the product data needed for pricing replication. This should be validated before switching something off. It should also be possible to still keep sending products and prices to Datahub but prevent Datahub from sending products to Commerce.

Kind regards,


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