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Customize password reset url, placeholders of paswrd reset template

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We are using CDC for our website and we are launching a new webshop with a new url. We are trying to figure out how to adjust the url of the password reset template so that it directs to the new webshop url as well as the existing website url.

We are trying to find different options as below:

Can we set a custom variable like password reset source to be able to add it next to login id?


Can we to add the regSource (or another custom field) ,inside the 'context' parameter as shown in the documentation:

We noticed that regSource is not part of the placeholders in the documentation :

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Katerina,

Taking into account the documentation, you can define $pwResetURL and $pwResetToken and also add your parameters to form the end Password Reset Link(that one you will get in the email).

I've attached the screenshot of how it can be configured from your end.

In the screenshot, you can see an example for the website.
You need to do the same on the webshop site level, but change the Reset Page Url(f.e -> and source parameter(f.e -> source=webshop).

Hope it helped.

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