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Creation of activities to other opportunity participants

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Hello experts,

My customer works with opportunities in which also other participants (customers) and their communication should be documented.
But now it seems that it is not possible to easily create activities for a party other than the main customer.

Let's take the email activity as an example:
As soon as I create a new email to the opportunity, the main customer is automatically preset as recipient, that's okay. To write to another party I have to select the object first (customer, contact person, employee), in this case contact person. But now I am offered a selection of all contact persons of the main customer and I can only set the filter to "All" and have to select the desired contact person from all in the database. Of course, there are many similar or identical names to choose from, which makes a selection unnecessarily difficult.

Is there a possibility to set up a preselection on the opportunity participants on KUT customizing level or at least a find-as-you-type search?

Kind Regards

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