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Copying tenant cofiguration to other tenant

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Hello Experts,

if client needs two separate tenants (A and B), for two separate brands:
Is it possible to proceed full configuration on one tenant (A) and then copy it to tenant B?

Or it is not possible and both processes have to be carried completely separately? Even when boths tenants will have the same configuration needed.

Or there is a third option, and just a part of configuration may be copied between tenants?

Are there two separate test tenants needed to create two separate production tenants or could it be one test tenant exported to two, identicall produciton tenants?

Best regards

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Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi adam_lut,

I'm afraid that we do not support cloning accounts, which I think is what you are describing. Given the flexibility of our account provisioning, and the fact that all the account assets are cloud-based, there is a risk that assets can be overlooked and then shared between accounts - for example accesing the same voucher pool or external database table. We recognize that this is a limitation for certain business cases but it is better practice to create and provision each account separately.

Sorry that I can't give you the answer you were hoping for!

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