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Configure Paypal as a non credit card payment method

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Dear Support-Team,

our customer uses the Pepper Plugin to communicate with the payment terminal.

How do we configure a Paypal payment in a way that the terminal does not get a call?
It should be possible to configure another payment Method except credit card, gift card and cash.

A c t u a l r e s u l t

Paypal is linked in the card payment methods and therefore calls the pepper plugin.

E x p e c t e d r e s u l t

A Customer can pay via Paypal without the payment terminal.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

  1. Go to CCO Functions -> Configuration -> Accounting -> Credit Card Type
  2. Find the Code assigned to Paypal
  3. Go to CCO Functions -> Configuration -> Plug-ins -> Settings for PEPPER_PLUGIN
  4. In the line EXCLUDE_CARD_IDS enter the code from step 2.
  5. Save the Pepper Plug-In settings

From now on, payments with Paypal are not processed by the Pepper Plugin.

This solution is explained on slide 23 of Guide: SAP Customer Checkout - Hardware Installation with EFT-Terminal (Pepper Library API 2.0)

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