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catalog synchronization first failed and re-run is success

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catalog synchronization first failed and try to re-run it is getting success with out any change for custom category

INFO [00004KCY::de.hybris.platform.catalog.jalo.synchronization.CatalogVersionSyncJob] (00004KCY) [CatalogVersionSyncJob] Starting synchronization ...

INFO [00004KCY::de.hybris.platform.catalog.jalo.synchronization.CatalogVersionSyncJob] (00004KCY) [CatalogVersionSyncCronJob] comparing last dumps (1/8824408473630 vs 1/8824408571934) - this might take some time...

INFO [00004KCY::de.hybris.platform.catalog.jalo.synchronization.CatalogVersionSyncJob] (00004KCY) [CatalogVersionSyncCronJob] done comparing last dumps - dumps are equal

ERROR [00004KCY::de.hybris.platform.catalog.jalo.synchronization.CatalogVersionSyncJob] (00004KCY) [CatalogVersionSyncJob] Finished synchronization in 0d 00h:00m:02s:139ms. There were errors during the synchronization!

WARN [00004KCY::de.hybris.platform.catalog.jalo.synchronization.CatalogVersionSyncJob] (00004KCY) [Job] Could not send email. Make sure your mail properties (mail.*) are correctly set.

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any one have some solution please share . Thank in advance

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