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Can't delete campaigns in "Stopped" status

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Some campaigns are in stopped status in the system. When we run the job "Campaigns: Flag Campaigns and Campaign Templates for Deletion" with the parameters:

Retention Period = 0

Status Stopped = True

Status Discarded = True

some campaigns aren't marked for archiving.

Can you help me why campaigns are not flag for deletion?

Thank you!

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Hi Alena,

Thank you for reaching out. It could be possible that the campaigns are not getting flagged for deletion due to one of the following reasons.

1. Lead Nurture Stream campaigns cannot be set to "Cold" for deletion though it is in "Stopped" status.

2. Campaigns with No Execution status. It is possible that you have campaigns with No Execution status. You can check this in the overview page of the campaign.

Please refer to SAP HELP | Campaign deletion Application Jobs.

Best Regards,