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Can I set a rule to limit the savings on a promotion?

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I would like to offer a 20% discount up to $1000. If they order $100, they get $20 off, if they order $5000, they get $1000 off, if they order $8000, they get $1000 off.

How can I set the rule to give a 20% discount and limit the savings to $1000?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I don't think or remember such default action. But I think you can achieve what you need with two promotions.

Promotion 1:

Condition: Cart Total <= 5000
Action: 20% Discount

Promotion 2:

Condition: Cart Total > 5000
Action: 1000$ Discount

You can also use condition "Rule execution" to prevent multiple if one is applied the other not executed, or Promotion Group exclusiveness to apply only one promotion within the group. For these methods, you need to set priority values correctly. But my first suggestion should work since conditions do not intersect and it's easier to understand Business users as well.

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