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C4C: not the same amount of data when online or offline

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Some users in C4C use the Windows App with the offline mode.
Indeed, as they are visiting many customers during the day, and they are on the road, they do not always have an internet connection, as they are using C4C on their laptop.
The issue is that they don't have access to the same amount of data when they are online or offline.
Indeed, they have fewer data when they are offline. However they did the offline synchronization.
Here are some examples:

On a customer level, the amount of sales orders is higher on Online mode than on Offline mode:

=> On Online mode:

=> On Offline mode:

Same as for the number of customers in the database:

=> One online mode:

=> On offline mode:

How can we fix this??
The users need to have access to this information when they are offline, because this is essential to their work.

Also, I checked the offline settings, and it seems to be limited to 5000:

Would that be because of it? If so, this is not a good news!
Many thanks in advance for your kind help and reply,

Best regards,

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Hi Julie,

How are you?

Here are two hints for your reference.

  • 2763377 - Queries In Offline Mode Has Different Results Than Online Mode
  • This might be due to the fact that your queries for Account have listed the offline sync for "All Account" as well as for "My Account". "All account" query offline sync would cause the threshold of 5000 to be reached. Which in turn causes some accounts to be missed. As a workaround, please change the settings and remove the “All Account” query default set from the offline settings.

Anyway, highly recommend you raise a ticket to product support to get this confirmed. Without a full investigation, the hints above can be inexact.

Best Regards,


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Thanks a lot for your help in this Alan!

I have already opened a ticket to get this confirmed.
Best regards,