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C4C How to only show prospect roles in Convert to Account to Contact action?

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We want to start using Lead managment and convert Leads into prospects. Based on the existing data model several prospect roles have been defined.

When pressing the 'Convert to Account and Contact' action in the lead transaction, a screen that corresponds to the Account and Contact creation screen appears and in which in the field role all existing roles (prospect and customer) are displayed.

Accounts in the role customer are also created from the home page and the account list. For this process a code list restriction list has been created for Object Account.

For the 'Convert to Account and Contact' /Account Creation screen, I tried to create a second code list restriction list on the Object Account and added a KUT field, so that i could only display the prospect roles, without disturbing the other code list restriction on the account object, but it does not work. I also tried rules on the field role in the 'Convert to Account and Contact' /Account Creation screen, but this also is not working.

So in conclusion we would like that the user in the 'Convert to Account and Contact'can only select the prospect roles that have been defined and in the New Account creation only select the customer roles. But both screens are related to the Account object

I am curious how you tackle this challenge? and / or if a am overlooking an option to solve this and prevent users to use the account roles they should not use while converting a lead into a prospect.



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Hello MJ,

I believe this is not working because they are both referring to the same create screen and there is no way to distinguish between the Account creation and lead to Account creation.

I like your KUT field idea. Do you mind explaining a little further what you tried with the KUT field and why that isn't working? I think if somehow we could populate the value in the KUT field only during lead to account conversion process, then we possible could use that KUT field value as the control field in the code list restriction. Nonetheless, I would like to know what you have tried as that might spawn some ideas.

Thank you


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Hi Julius,

The code list restriction stays an issue ....

For the 'Convert to Account and Contact' screen I had the following in mind. I add a KUT with values that correspond with the (prospect) roles. Wiht a rule i determine the role as default value based on the selection made in the KUT field. The role field i can make display only. The rule looks as follows and that works fine.


I have to do something simular when prospects are converted into customers. So that a prospect role is converted in the corresponding customer role. I will probably use the prospect indicator as one of the elements.

So the code list functionalty for the account object is missing a dimension, the customer life cycle phase.