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C4C/ERP: Only send Customers to ERP ECC, if specific fields are changed

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Hello all,
we want to create KUT fields for segmentation purpose. These fields are maintained in another system.
If these fields are updated in the customers, all of them are replicated to SAP ERP ECC. Hence, this leads to high traffic. The KUT fields for segementation are not relevant in ERP, therefore we dont need to replicate to ERP when these fields get changed.
We use the standard Business Partner Integration via CPI iflow.

Is there an option as in ERP (transaction BD52) to configure which changes of fields are relevant?

Best regards,

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi deborah.albrecht2 ,

You can use the arrangement filters or enhance the filter using SDK:

For custom filter criteria you can use SDK:

Filtering object instances in asynchronous outbound replication scenarios | SAP Blogs


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