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C4C Contacts Filter Conditions - Attributes with AND condition

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Hi Experts,

I want to filter all the Contacts in SAP Sales Cloud that have a given value for four Marketing Attributes.

So, I want to see all Contacts that have the value Z2 for each attribute.

Using the filter in the Contacts overview I can only select multiple attribute values with an OR condition.

Is it somehow possible to change that to an AND condition?

BR Tobias

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Provided if you personalize your solution to make it visible, you can enable your users to access the Attributes field within the advanced search of accounts, contacts and individual customers and maintain conditions there that influence the corresponding search behavior. Once this field is visible and your users select it to maintain conditions, they can specify a combination of attribute sets, attributes, operators and values – for example, Employee Attributes, Region, Equal, and North America, respectively – to apply to the attributes search. Users can also specify additional attribute conditions with the logical operator OR. Once these parameters have been saved, users can apply the associated conditions as an advanced search query to find business partners with corresponding Attributes, and to display them within the attributes tab of the work center view of the associated business partner.

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Hi Tobias,

In C4C Odata, Logical operator AND only works when used between different properties.


$filter=OpportunityID ge 'YYYY' and Name/content eq 'Test'

Not Supported:

$filter=PartyID ge 'ZZZZ' and PartyID le 'XXXX'

(YYYY represents the ID of the Opportunity, ZZZZ represents one Party ID and XXXX represents another Party ID)


Logical operator OR only works when used between same properties.


$filter=PartyID ge 'ZZZZ' or PartyID le 'XXXX'

Not Supported:

$filter=PartyID ge 'ZZZZ' or OpportunityID le 'XXXX'