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Branding Template in C4C Service

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I'm trying to create a branding template in C4C Service. Therefore I have created a HTML File with the content and the placeholder #Text# (#TEXT# also does not work).

So make it less error-prone i created an easier file:

<p>Hello</p><br><p></p><br><p>#Text#</p><br><p></p><br><p>Kind regards</p>

"Hello" = Header

"Kind regards" = Footer

#Text# = Placeholder for the EMail text

Is the HTML wrong or what else could it be? Have already tried various things but nothing leads to the desired result

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Product and Topic Expert
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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi jehe

I can see you have selected "Signature" as the usage option while creating this template. Please change it to "Response" and select the Object as "Ticket" then, you will be able to select an option "Branding Template", refer attached screenshot.

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Okay thanks.

This allows me to create the template and add it to the email channel setup as a template.

But the problem is now when I want to reply to a message that comes to this mail address.

When I press Reply the template does not appear at first. However, when I then write my reply and send it, the template suddenly appears, but in the wrong field. It does not appear under my reply but under the customer's message. The placeholder #Text# is also not being filled.

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Here you can see it.

Isn´t the template supposed to be under "Answer XYZ..." ?

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and the placeholders for #firstname and #lastname also doesn´t work

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I don´t thinkt that this is the way it´s supposed to work

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