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Best Record for address data


Dear Experts,

Following Situation:

A Contact (he did not exist before) comes into MC via a form on our Website. The Contact also enters his address data.

Now a lead is created for this Contact. This creates a "Business Partner in Preparation" in C4C (Contact and Account).

These come back to MC.

Since the origin "SAP_C4C_BUPA" has a higher priority than the origin "SAP_FORM", the address data is taken from C4C.

So if the address data in C4C is empty, the address from the form (at the contact) is overwritten by an empty address.

Is there a way to use the adress data from the form if the adress data from C4C is empty (against the best record logic - BAdI) or is there a possibility to transfer the adress data from MC to C4C during lead transfer?

Does anyone have a completely different solution to our problem?

Thanks in Advance!


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Hi Katharina,

I am actually since last week struggling with the exact same isue.

On SAP Help you can see that address data is aways handled as a "group".

In my case, on the Form we ask for a postal code only, and the country is implicitly set in the background, so I have postal code + country.

But from C4C, on this "in preparation" contact, only a Country is sent back. But a country is still a "part" of an address data group. So this group "country + empty postal code" gets priority.

You could make a configuration that data from the origin Form has a more important priority than data from C4C, but in our case that is in general not the correct prioritization.

We actually noticed that the Postal Code that marketing sends via the Lead on contact level, ends up in C4C on the Account level! If you look in Marketing on the Account that gets created above this lead-contact, you'll see the postal code / address on the account!

In general, we also don't maintain specific address data on Contact level in C4C, only on Account level.

We noticed in Marketing that a lot of contacts (existing ones, unrelated to the Lead process) do not have any address, while a smaller part of contacts do have an address, namely the address of their account. So we're wondering in which cases the Contact gets the address from their Account copied over, and in which cases they don't. Because then, the postal code / address would also come back from c4c to marketing on the contact level and it wouldn't be overwritten.

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After investigating a bit further:

On our system, m-n relationships is active.

The address data is also seen on the "Relationship best record" tab on the contact.

So the full address gets stored on Relationship level, not on contact level.

However, for some reason, on the Contact level, the "Country" field is separately still coming through anyway, separate from the rest of the address data.

Because of the above mentioned priority rules that are applied to the full address "group", this indeed overwrites any address data that had come from a Form.

I just wonder if there's any reason for that Country field to come in on the Contact level. isabelle.thore or josef.ehbauer , might you explain that?

I think it might be required for the Permissions? As I noticed: I assigned a contact to both an EU company as to a US company, with a phone number. That "one" country field on Contact was on a EU country. All permissions, so both for EU and US phone numbers, were all on implicit opt-out according to EU-regulations. So I think the implicit/explicit permissions might still need that country field on contact level as the permissions are not seeming to check the Relationship context...

I also tried using this job:

but it won't work, because the data is no longer on the SAP_C4C_BUPA origin but on SAP_MKT_BUPA, and that origin isn't available for that job...

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did you find out anything more regarding this meanwhile?

I'm considering opening a SAP Support ticket as I can't find a solution.

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Hey Joyca,

first of all thank you for your answers!!

We haven't found a solution yet, but at the moment we also don't have an account-to-contact relationship. But we are working on it!

Best Regards,