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Backoffice Login Failure 2105

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Hi Experts, I am unable to login to backoffice on SAP Commerce 2105.6 version. The following errors are reported in the logs: Any help would be appreciated. Am authentication from LDAP. I can login using local (admin account) but not when using my domain account.

[hybrisHTTP39] [LoginFormComposer] Available UI locales for backoffice: [de, en, es, es_CO, fr, it, ja, ko, pt, ru, zh, zh_TW, hi, id, cs, pl, hu]

2022/03/15 13:15:05.611 | ERROR [hybrisHTTP16] [BackofficeWidgetPersistenceService] Error occurred while processing widgets configuration

2022/03/15 13:15:05.611 | java.lang.NullPointerException

ERROR [hybrisHTTP48] [AuthenticationSuccessEventListener] error on managing successful login: UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken

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