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Backoffice Customization

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I was working on the Backoffice customization, and I am facing the following issues on that:-

1.) I have a single Item type lets say A, for that item type I want to have 3 navigation nodes in the Backoffice explorer tree let say X,Y,Z. I developed this thing by taking the reference from hybris 6.7 version promotion rules. But now whenever I am selecting some entries from the navigation node X, and switching to the navigation node Y, the entries selected from X was coming.

2.) The second issues, Whenever we are saving a new entry the custom handler is invoked. In that custom handler I want to set an attribute in my model based on the navigation node selected (X, Y, Z). I tried to use widgetInstanceMananger but the navigation node id was coming as null.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks & Regards

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Hi Shubham,

you can try below steps.

1. Create a listener that listens for navigation node changes and clears the selection for the previous nod

2. In your custom handler, access the navigation node ID and set model attributes based on the selected node during entry saving.