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Are there big difference between Sales Cloud versions 1 and 2?

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Hi experts

We are in the "contract" phase with a client for Sales Cloud. Now that there is a version 2, they want us to check if C4C is still a fit for them. Can anyone help me with the below?

  1. Why was there a need for a version 2?
  2. How big of a difference is there between version 1 and 2?
  3. What happens to customers running with version 1?


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Answers (2)

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Hello denmar013,

Please refer below latest detail document on SAP Sales Cloud-2. Might be you will get insights on it.


Neeraj Jain

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Yes, there are significant differences between Sales Cloud versions 1 and 2. Sales Cloud version 2 offers several new features including improved reporting capabilities, a more intuitive user interface, deeper customer insights, and enhanced mobile access. Additionally, Sales Cloud 2 allows users to tailor their sales process to fit their specific needs and provides predictive analytics to help with sales forecasting.

Thanks Yogananda. But is it true in the new mobile app, there is no offline capability anymore? I tried logging in to the new app using URL and credentials of a version 1 C4C tenant but couldn't login. So does this mean version 2 URL and credentials will only work on the new app?

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Can you elaborate more on significant differences from the system perspective?