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API Query to get Contact ID from a specific Contact Origin from Email

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Hello Team,

A record with email has multiple records in the system. I have build a query to get contact ID for the record from the email -

/sap/opu/odata/SAP/API_MKT_CONTACT_SRV;v=3/AdditionalIDs?$filter=InteractionContactAdditionalOrigin eq'EMAIL' and InteractionContactAdditionalExternalID eq'' &$top=200

This gives a 202 result and gives output of different IDs like multiple IDs with Origin as SAP_C4C_BUPA, SAP_FORM, LANDING_PAGE -

A snapshot of the result -

This result is ok but I need output for specific Contact Origin of SAP_C4C_BUPA, so I added another filter -

/sap/opu/odata/SAP/API_MKT_CONTACT_SRV;v=3/AdditionalIDs?$filter=InteractionContactAdditionalOrigin eq'EMAIL' and InteractionContactAdditionalExternalID eq'' and ContactOrigin eq 'SAP_C4C_BUPA' &$top=200

Although this results in 202 message as well, but the result is empty and doesn't contain any data -

Can you let me know why addition of ContactOrigin eq 'SAP_C4C_BUPA' is showing no data in the result?

Is there any other way to get the desired result?


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Hi Pushpak,

It is not possible to use ContactOrigin as filter together with either of InteractionContactAdditionalOrigin and InteractionContactAdditionalExternalID.

Maybe you can consider getting the response by using InteractionContactAdditionalOrigin and InteractionContactAdditionalExternalID, then gettj g the ContactID data for the response body object (with your costom code).

Best regards,


SAP Product Support