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Abandoned Cart Email Spam

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We are currently using SAP Marketing Cloud and we send Abandoned cart emails thru SMC. How do we filter via segmentation or stop sending email for a contact where we already triggered the abandoned cart? Scenario is below, eComm sends an abandoned cart interaction @12pm, then this will trigger the abandoned cart campaign to send an email. Now after a few hours, around 3pm, customer triggers another abandoned cart to which he/she receives the email again. Then around 6pm is the time he submits the order.

How do we prevent this kind of spamming? I already tried to use live target groups where the segmentation is based on interaction for the past 24hrs then added it as a filter in the trigger campaign but doesn't seem to be working.

Any thoughts would be helpful.



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Active Contributor

Hi Marc,

in my opinion your way using live target group should work. Could you see in application protocol if the contacts aren't filtered out and why? (I think you should find the information when filtering for sub category "Marketing Orchestration Runtime" in the application protocol).

Another idea would be using a communication category and set the limit to 1 email per day. Don't know if that would be a possible solution for you.

BR Tobias

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Hi Marc,

As Tobias mentioned , Live Target group should work , if you can share your Segmentation model ,we can check further on the same.