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A way to block reversing steps in Day end process

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Dear Experts,

Greetings for another wonderful day for you all ,

Could any one kindly advice is there any way to block steps reversing option in the day end closing process with in Sap customer checkout .

Because we are getting feed backs from some clients saying that their staff using current features unprofessionally while doing the day end ,

As you know with in the yearend process we can switch back to previous steps any time during the process so what some users doing is they enter currency count in the below screen,

Then go to the next screen

Checking the difference between actual and target figures then again going back to the previous cash count entering screen and tally the difference and close the process .

So to avoid this type of frauds do we have any option to block the switch back option between these two screens at least or to setup an approval to do so . Actually it will be better if there is an option to put an approval here because if the user mistakenly entered an wrong figure that he/she can correct it using a manager approval .

Appreciate if anyone can support on this matter .

Thanks in advance .

Best Regards,

Tharindu .

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Dear tharindu,

The authorization you are looking for is called Show current cash balance.

When it is set to No the user will receive a message during day-end closing after entering the actual cash count.

The user will still be able to return to the actual cash count but changed amounts will require approval by another user.

Kind regards,


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Dear Gunther ,

The given solution is matching with our expectation . Appreciated for your kind support .

Many Thanks and Best Regards,

Tharindu .

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