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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

In this blog you'll get an overview on selected, embedded intelligent scenarios across SAP CX (and beyond) using artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive services.

AI in SAP Configure, Price Quote (CPQ)
Automated AI services in SAP Customer Experience solutions integrate with configure-price-quote and CRM systems to assist a salesperson to win deals quickly and confidently. The services recommend products to add to or replace in a quote in real time based on common purchase patterns. They predict the closing price of a product with confidence bands and explanations for a given customer, removing guesswork.


AI in SAP Field Service Management (FSM)
Resolve customer issues quickly with end-to-end field service management Improve ROI with fast and effective service delivery. The SAP FSM solution provides a general optimization framework that can be used to autoschedule field service technicians. With input of code as configuration, almost any use case can be quickly realized. With this framework, 25 unique requirements on autoscheduling were delivered for one of the largest elevator companies.


AI in SAP Sales Cloud and Service Cloud
Using machine learning, sales teams and customer service teams can improve their performance and accuracy. The session showcases the features that are available within the SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud solutions. We highlight architecture and technical details of how the different scenarios are enabled, using the best-of-breed capabilities available from different platforms (further information).


Service Ticket Intelligence & Solution Intelligence in SAP Service Cloud
Learn about intelligent features offered by SAP Service Cloud such as automatic ticket  categorization, prioritization, sentiment analysis, translation options, email template recommendation and more (further information).

Intelligent Sales Execution in SAP Sales Cloud
See how SAP Sales Cloud empowers organizations to improve forecast accuracy, proactively identify at risk opportunities, and drive sales with intelligent recommendations (further information).


Guided Selling in SAP Sales Cloud
Learn about the newly released Guided Selling feature, that intelligently suggests things you could do to accelerate your deals.

Relationship Intelligence in SAP Sales Cloud
This video showcases the relationship intelligence features that give you relevant insights to close deals, leveraging the best relationships you have with the customer. For a particular customer, see the interactions, contacts, recent emails. It gives you an idea of the top influencers for this customer. All insights are shown without you having to enter additional data.


Laser-Focus for your Success in SAP Sales Cloud (DE)
If sales is focusing on the wrong opportunities it's a wasted time and money. See how easy it is to focus on your success
AI/ML and an easy user experience help you with the daily tasks.


Intelligent Selling Services in SAP Commerce Cloud
Intelligent Selling Services for SAP Commerce Cloud capture and analyze behavioral data in real time across each customer’s commerce journey to create individualized customer experiences, which are optimized for both customer relevance and business impact. Intelligent Selling Services provides real-time customer experience personalization by recommending products to the customer from the first click and updating its customer understanding and recommendations with every subsequent click. The constant feedback loop of this machine learning process allows Intelligent Selling Services to calculate the best product for that customer at that moment in time and continuously improve the recommendation based on the outcome of the interaction.
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AI in SAP Territory and Quota solution
Increase attainment and maximize revenue with aligned sales plans and resources. SAP Territory and Quota uses advanced optimization algorithms of AI services in SAP CX solutions to automate this work. Using the algorithms, a sales manager can define geographically contiguous territories that strike a balance between desired criteria to create equitable territories for the sales team. The alignment happens in real time, allowing the user to try different criteria for quicker desired output.


Smart Insights in Emarsys
Smart Insight is the Emarsys customer intelligence module, designed to maximize the revenue from your customers by automating your retention marketing (further information).

Predict Dashboard for Email and Web Recommender
Predict is a recommendation engine which analyzes the behavior data collected from your web shop by our JavaScript API and uses this to deliver personalized recommendations to all your customers across email, mobile and web (further information).


Automation Center in Emarsys
The Automation Center is an intuitive user interface that makes it possible to design, validate and automate engagement programs ranging from simple transactional mailings (e.g. purchase confirmation) to sophisticated, multi-step, multi-channel programs such as event countdowns or winning back defecting customers (further information).


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