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Issue description

In Account search result view, by clicking the email hyperlink,


we expected that there is a navigation to email creation view:

However in some system, after clicking email hyperlink, nothing happens.

Issue Analysis

1. Select one row in search result, click F2 to review technical information, and get the UI component name BP_HEAD_SEARCH.

2. Open the component via tcode BSP_WD_CMPWB, check the email hyperlink implementation by double clicking GET_P_EMAIL

3. From the p getter implementation, we get to know the logic that once it is clicked, the event handler and the outbound plug TOEMAIL will be triggered.

4. Then we can double click on OP_TOEMAIL and set breakpoint there to start debug.

I launch two debuggers separately in system AG3 ( where navigation works ) and K9E ( where navigation fails ) to compare the execution logic.

4.1 The navigation execution in K9E terminates due to the failure of check in line 37. So I have to check why lt_proc is empty after line 34.


4.2 When I debug into the method in 4.1, it is because is_navigation_supported returns false for process type 0005.

4.3 Within method IS_NAVIGATION_SUPPORTED, first the UI object type is determined in method 38.

In system AG3, the result is BT126_MAIL, and for K9E it is CRM_ICM_EMAIL. This difference is caused by the different business switch status as displayed in line 183 and 184 below.

The reason why the navigation works in AG3: it successfully finds a navigation target from internal table gt_map_infos for UI object type BT126_MAIL.

The found navigation target:

This target is maintained in customizing below:

But in system K9E, the different UI object type CRM_ICM_EMAIL is used, and the corresponding customizing for its navigation target is missing, so the navigation does not work.

After the necessary navigation customizing is added, the navigation in K9E also works.