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Pagination in Matrix Survey

Survey with large number of products can be divided into pages. This ease out the navigation capability within the survey. The user can directly jump from one page to another without having to scroll. Pagination is recommended for surveys which has large number of products and questions. This improves the performance in rendering the contents of the survey

This feature can be enabled while designing the survey. This flag is available within the details tab of the survey.


Status Indicator of Product - Checklist surveys

While working on lengthy product - checklist survey the user may get confused in gauging the completeness of the survey. Hence a status indicator has been introduced in form of a vertical bar against the product. This colour coded bar would provide an indication to the the user towards the completeness of the survey for a product

There are three statuses available which are denoted by vertical bars against the products

  • Green – denotes that the survey is completed for a product. The user can set the status by clicking on the finish button

  • Green bar with white strips – denotes that the survey is in progress for the product

  • Blue – denotes that the survey is yet to start

This feature is by default enabled.


Copying of products added during run time

In a Product based surveys the products available are either defined/determined from the system or they can be added by the user during run time. The run time products added can now be remembered so that next time the user conducts the same survey for the same account, then the products are available by default.

This feature can be enabled by a flag during designing the survey. The flag is available within the details tab of the survey.