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Since SAP Web Channel Experience Management Release 3.0 two new features for the Contact-Scenario (also known as B2B-Scenario) have been introduced:

a) B2B Selfregistration

b) Delegated Admin Scenario

B2B Selfregistration

With the B2B Selfregistration the registration of a Corporate Account for the Web Shop as a selfservice is supported. Two different options for the Selfregistration have been enabled.

a) Registration of a new user and a new company

b) Registration of an existing contact person for an existing company

The registration of a new user and a new company is the registration from scratch. This means there is no Business Partner data and related Contact Person in the database. There is also no user available for the Web Shop. In this case a Sold-To Party a related Contact Person and the related User will get created within the registration.

The registration of an existing contact person for an existing company is just to create a user for the already existing Business Partner data. In this case the user has to enter the correct Company ID and the related Contact ID.

The B2B Selfregistration is an option to reduce TCO as the involvement of internal employees will get reduced. There is still some effort for the internal employees as the registration request has to get validated. Therefore a 3rd type of the Selfregistration is not supported – the registration of new Contact Persons for existing Companies. This would always cause effort as this new user should not get access directly. The validation as such is quite cumbersome as there must be a check if the entered data is correct and if it is also intended by the customer that this new contact should have the right to order products or not. At the end the internal employee has to get in contact with the customer directly for this verification. This check is very important as the user has access to the Sales Documents right after the approval of the registration process.

Delegated Admin Scenario

Another option to empower the customers of the web shop and to reduce the effort for the internal organization is the activation of the delegated admin scenario.

A delegated admin is a contact person who has special authorization rights to create other users for the web shop. These users are also contact persons of the company the delegated admin is assigned to. In other words the delegated admin is the user of a customer and has the permission to also create users for his colleagues.  The delegated admin can also change some data of the users he is responsible for. He can lock/unlock the user, he can also change some date like phone-number, and he can assign predefined authorization rights. He can't delete or archive the user and the related Business Partner.

Image I: Edit-Screen for changing the user.

The authorization roles have to get maintained in advance so that the delegated admin can assign these roles.

These settings can be made in IMG for a CRM Backend under Customer Relationship Management -> SAP Web Channel Experience Management -> Basic Settings -> User Management -> Set Up List of Authorization Roles and for ERP under Sales and Distribution -> SAP Web Channel Experience Management -> Basic Settings -> User Administration -> Set Up List of Authorization Roles.

In principle there are two options how to get delegated admin rights. One option is that the administrator of the Web-Shop directly asks a contact of a company to become a delegated admin. The other user case is that a user asks the administrator to get delegated admin rights.

After the delegated admin has created additional users there is no further automatism or workflow available in this release. The delegated admin has to inform new users about the logon with the defined username and password (e. g. via e-mail). As there is no expired password mechanism the user is not forced to change the password directly after the first logon. Therefore the delegated admin should also include such a recommendation for the user.

Combining Selfregistration and Delegated Admin Scenario

For the B2B Selfregistration with new Company there is also an option to automatically assign authorization roles. With this feature it is possible to e.g. assign special authorization only to the first registered user. This makes sense e. g. if only the first contact person of a company should get the right to create Service Requests. It’s also a good use case to assign Delegated Admin rights to the first Contact Person of a Customer. This is the ideal combination to reduce TCO. For the registration of a completely new company the involvement of the internal employee is not that high. In principle he just has to check if there is already a duplicate record or not. In this case the new created contact person could automatically get the delegated admin rights assigned.

The risk is also rather low, as there are no security relevant documents assigned to a new company.

Image II: Web Channel Builder (Module "User" with the settings to assign roles to the first contact of a new created Sold-To Party).

If the customer needs additional users at this shop for ordering products or requesting services there is no need to involve the Web Shop Administrator anymore. This can be done by the delegated admin. Here the Web Shop Admin would also not be in the position to judge this. Only  the delegated admin knows, if the user should get access or not.

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