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[Previous posting: Using the SAP Web Dispatcher for Hybris Marketing, Part 1]


Part 2


In this article, we’re going to show you how to configure the Web Dispatcher in the simple set-up with one back end connection by following steps 1 to 3 in the diagram below:



Step 1: Configuring the Web Dispatcher

Step 2: Creating the https back end connection from the Web Dispatcher to your SAP system

Step 3: Creating the front end connection from the browser to the Web Dispatcher


The three steps in the diagram correspond to chapters 2.1 to 2.3.



Chapter 2.1: Configuring the Web Dispatcher


We begin with the configuration of the Web Dispatcher.


1.       We first need to find out the relevant parameters of the SAP ABAP back end. We start with the Message Server. You can open the Message Server Monitor in your SAP system with transaction code SMMS.



2.       Now choose Goto -> Parameters -> Display and look up the port of the Message Server (ms/http_port):



3.       You can find the host name in the SAP Logon window. Right-click on your system and, in the context menu, choose Properties. Here you will see the correct denomination of the Message Server Host.



4.       Open the profile of the Web Dispatcher.



5.       Provide the following mandatory parameters (see the lines at the bottom of the screenshot):


     a)      Our back end connection(s):


wdisp/system_1 = SID= ..., NR=01, MSHOST=l....corp, MSPORT=...


     b)    The SSL configuration:





     c)       Further mandatory parameters:






6.       After submitting these parameters, restart the Web Dispatcher and check whether your back end system appears in the Web Dispatcher Administration:



There might be an SSL error if the Web Dispatcher doesn’t have a trusted connection to the ABAP back end (see the next chapter):



The next chapter will deal with the setting up of a secure connection from the Web Dispatcher to the ABAP back end:


Using the SAP Web Dispatcher for Hybris Marketing, Part 2 Chapter 2