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All of these three questions are raised regarding the customizing below via tcode COMM_PRAPPLCAT:

Question1: Product search supports "search by category id".

However, we can assign different categories with same id on different product hierarchies. See example below:

Question 1: the category id search will only touch categories assigned to a specific hierarchy, or will simply touch all categories with id "ZJERRY" regardless of their assigned hierarchies?

We can first check via test.

First I create two products both assigned with category id ZJERRY but with different hierarchies:

And then I search by ZJERRY, both products are found.

Reason is: The category search implementation simply scans the following two tables connected via category guid, but not hierarchy guid.

Question 2: In product creation, we need to specify a base category. Once F4 help is clicked, we see category search popup dialog with search automatically fired.

Here only hierarchy R3PRODSTYP is used. Why is this very hierarchy?

Answer: when category search is fired, three hiden search parameters are added automatically:

Application: 03


As a result, R3PRODSTYP from customizing is used.

Question 3: I have assigned several categories for a given product which come from different hierarchy:

In Opportunity WebUI, only category from R3PRODHIER is displayed. Why? Because this hierarchy is assigned to application "01 Sales" in customizing.